SPI Security Company


Our security company and its team were created by a French Police Officer, member of the Republican Security Companies (CRS) and its tactical intervention unit the SPI4G.

SPI Security Company provides the exclusive protection of Businessmen, VIP and industrials, Show Business stars or top international athletes, families from the Middle East, as well as the safety of many tourists more and more numerous to go through Thailand and South East Asia.


We also ensure the security of your business or company, your corporate meeting and the organization and security of any concert or festival. Our team of security professionals will ensure the exclusive protection and safety of your night business, your “lounge” restaurant or any other business requiring professional security in Thailand. The main goal is to satisfy our customers and fully meet your expectations. Located in Bangkok (Thailand), your satisfaction is our first and only priority.

More than a bodyguard or private security service you will get a personalized and comprehensive, 5 stars, high-end service!

Why choose us ?

Discretion is our main leitmotiv in order to satisfy our customers. We operate and are operational thanks to a mix of professional criteria, a management with great attention to details and highly experienced professionals.


SPI Security Company develops and deploys solutions for the security problems of its clients in a wide variety of contexts, ranging from protection missions for expatriates in Thailand and South East Asia, because we have the advantage of a perfect geopolitical and geostrategic knowledge of this continent, to more classic missions for high personalities in the biggest palaces and capitals of South East Asia.


The founder of the company, through his professional experience acquired in a specialized service of the French police, is a true specialist and professional of the organization of public and private events, the security of concerts or any large scale event. All this is part of his core skills and the experience gained over the years as a member of the CRS. For these very specific reasons, working with a team of real professionals in the organization and security of events will satisfy you with its very high quality. Do not hesitate for a second and contact SPI Security Company, because as our slogan says so well “We make the difference only excellence!”.


Our experience


Our team’s experience of the close protection and in the field of the more traditional private security is unparalleled and incomparable.

The members of our close protection and security for our clients are all mostly members of the special forces of the Thai Army or the Thai Police led by members of the special forces of the French Police. All of our teams are trained, equipped and experienced in the technical difficulties and methods as well as the requirements imposed by the more traditional bodyguard and security professions. The profile of each recruited agent has been validated by members of the French Police Forces and Specialized Intervention Group (GIGN, CRS, SPI4G, GSPR …).


The profiles of our agents (men or women) are always carefully adapted to the client and the context. Our teams have a constant concern for the client’s serenity, respect for his private life and the protection of his reputation and integrity.


SPI Security Company undertakes, through its confidentiality charter, to respect the utmost discretion in its activity for the benefit of its partners, customers and the respect of the professional secrecy of the collected information.

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